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Dortmund as a location for science

Apart from coal and steel, it was beer that once defined Dortmund. Today, years later, Dortmund has transformed itself into a leading research and technology location. Seven universities and 19 non-university research institutions collaborate closely and make use of synergies in research and teaching to successfully develop technological innovations as well as advances in methods and knowledge. This also benefits the more than 54,000 students at the city's seven universities, who, thanks to the excellent framework conditions, are outstandingly qualified to solve current and future problems.

Further information on Dortmund as a location for science and on the cooperation of all stakeholders can be found in the Masterplan Science Dortmund 2.0, which was adopted in May 2021.

Masterplan Science Dortmund

Beakers, graduated cylinders and volumetric flasks stand on a stand to dry. © Roland Baege​/​TU Dortmund