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Interim evaluation of assistant professorships

During the interim evaluation, an elected evaluation committee assesses the suitability, aptitude and professional performance of the assistant professor. The assessment is made in particular on the basis of research achievements, teaching achievements, social and leadership skills and commitment to academic self-administration. In the case of an assistant professorship with tenure track, the assessment is always made with reference to the tenure track criteria. The evaluation committee records the successes to date with regard to the criteria and provides a reasoned assessment of the achievement of the tenure-track criteria within the next three years.

The interim evaluation is regulated in Section 21 of the Appointment Regulations of TU Dortmund University. The most important steps are summarized below:

  • The evaluation committee is formed no later than 9 months before the end of the three-year tenure track period.
  • The assistant professor submits a self-report no later than 6 months before the end of the three-year employment relationship. A sample template for preparing the self-report is available in the ServicePortal.
  • The committee obtains at least two external reviews.
  • Two courses of the assistant professor are visited by the committee and the according student course evaluations (teaching evaluations) are then evaluated by the committee.
  • The committee conducts an evaluation interview with the assistant professor.
  • On the basis of the documents and activities, the committee votes in a secret ballot on the recommendation of continued employment.
  • The chairperson of the committee writes an evaluation report based on these activities and the aforementioned documents. A sample template for the preparation of the evaluation report is available in the ServicePortal.